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About this item
  • Gundruk is a fermented leafy green vegetable.
  • Weight: 200 gms
  • Main ingredients: Radish Leaves

Sukuti (सुकुटी)

About this item
  • Sukuti is a dried meat product use in the Himalayan part of India and Tibet usually made from buffalo.
  • Dried Buff Meat INGREDIENTS- Buff meat salt and spices
  • Soltee Sukuti buff
  • Net Quantity: 100 gms per packet


  • Sinki (सिन्की) is a preserved fermented vegetable, similar to gundruk.

Gundruk(Pack of 2)/Dry fermented leafy green

  • Gundruk/  Dry fermented leafy green vegetable
  • Weight:
  • 100 gm per pack

Sukako Buff

About this item
  • Instructions before cooking submerge meat in hot boiling water and letbit simmer for approximately 20 minutes. When ready ,rinse it again with hot water
  • Dried Buff
  • Quantity- 300 gms


  • About this item
  • Contains - Rice, oil, onion, chicken meat,ginger, salt, turmeric,dried chilli phlogacanthus(flower)
  • Net weight - 70gms
  • Want to try something new. Taste the Chicken Wachipa. Nepali special dish. Made in top of hill. Tastes slightly bitter an makes your mood great. The flavored rice with fried chicken chunks fills your plate and your face with smile. Easy to cook and gets ready in just 15 minutes.How to cook?1) Boil 270ml of water in a container. 2) Add the dried Chicken Wachipa an cook it for 15 minutes. Till the water is dried out. Now add little oil and salt an cook it for few minutes.Your Wachipa is Ready.Want to make it Better? Heat little mustard oil in a pan. Fry some onion and meat chunks. Add the cook Wachipa to it. An cook for few minutes. Hey you made it wow😋
  • Hey hii hubbs, I can understand your interest. The best thing of dehydrated Chicken Wachipa is its very simple to Cook. It gets prepared within 20 minute. So you can cook it as a quick food. Since it's bitter in taste so people mostly prefer to have it with drinks. Wachipa known as a traditional food has become more popular as guest food with its time. The dehydrated pack is easy to carry so its best food for hiking, tracking, camping and travelling. It's sade that Wachipa originated for the Nepali Rai's community. It's was a special dish prepared after the worship of god. As a children's due to its little bitter in taste. Children's usually use to avoid it. But with time once tasted the pieces of meat chunks and the bitter rice when gets delicious it like Mystery. Most all adults love to have it. It's special bitter taste is different form the bitterness of bitter gourd. So if you are thinking of bitterness of something else and want to avoid it. Than you probably will miss something special. It's very usual to see people avoiding bitter gourd but likes to have Wachipa which also taste bitter. The history is also quite unique. Since it was only cooked within Rai's Nepali community. So it took lot time to become common and known to other family Nepali community. As it's said that the items(prashad) used in worship should not be shared to other. An something else should be cooked for other person else than family members. So the Wachipa was a unique mystrious food. Well now it has become very common and now we are looking to bring it to your plate too. It's ours wish to bring smile on your face. Wish this will bring a smile..