Who We Are

We  are  Haat Ghar !  We  bring  you  our  very  own  local  products from Darjeeling,  Sikkim  and  Kalimpong  to  your  doorstep. No  matte r which   part of  the  country  you  go our  Pashupati  ko  Wai Wai,  Kalimpong ko Thukpa,  Gangtok ko Khapse,  etc will follow you.Wait  no  more  for  your  friends,  cousin  &  relatives  to  bring  your  favorite  delicacies fromhome!  Now  you  can  shop  leisurely  &  grab  your  most  missed  local  products  like  Mula ko achar,  Dallay, Wai wai,  Thukpa &  many more  delivered   at your  doorstep.

A Few Words About

We are 2 engineers working & living in different cities of India. Staying away from home like any other folks we missed our local foods like Thukpa, Wai Wai, Dallay & relied on people travelling from our hometown to bring them. In order to solve our own problem, we are here with a platform to connect small sellers(Baris and Boju’s) to the people from our region staying in other parts of India. Delivering authentic & choiced products of hills at your doorstep.