Where does HAAT GHAR deliver ?

Within India across all Pin codes serviceable by our courier partners. In the unlikely event that your Pin code is not serviceable, we will cancel your order. For prepaid orders, we will refund the paid amount back via the original payment method. We will intimate the cancellation via EMAIL and SMS.

Can you track your HAAT GHAR orders online ?

Yes. When your product is shipped, you will receive an SMS with the tracking id and a tracking link. You may use that to track your orders online.

How does HAAT GHAR deliver your orders ?

HAAT GHAR ships products via a 3rd party courier partner.

How much does HAAT GHAR charge to deliver ?

Deliveries are free except for products in the “Essentials” category which incur a charge of 60 rupees only. HAAT GHAR reserves the right to change this from time to time. The amount on this page shall be updated on a best effort basis and the shipping cost shown in your invoice shall be final.

How long does HAAT GHAR take to deliver ?

Shipping products within India takes 2-7 Business days in normal circumstances. Orders are normally picked within 48 hours of placing them.

NOTE: With government enforced COVID lockdowns in place in many states in India, there might be unpredictable delays in delivery of products.


Haat Ghar accepts returns only in genuine scenarios where the product is damaged OR on a case by case basis as reviewed by Haat Ghar support. Please read this document carefully to understand the Haat Ghar return process.

1. Send an email to [email protected] with the subject line “Return <order_id>”. The order_id may be found in your invoice / email confirmation you received when placing the order

2. Clearly mention the reason for return. Kindly include pictures/video of the product you are returning showing the damage where possible

3. Alternatively, send this message to the official Haat Ghar contact number and include the images on WhatsApp Only.

4. Once the return request is received, Haat Ghar will schedule a return with the courier partner who will pick up the product from the location to which the order was originally shipped. Haat Ghar does not accept return pick ups from other locations.

5. Kindly return the product in original packaging

6. Upon receipt of the item at the warehouse, Haat Ghar will verify the request and initiate the refund in 2 working days.

7.  Haat Ghar will refund you the amount you paid minus any COD processing fees/transaction fees that you were charged. The refund will be made to the original payment method. The bank may take upto 7 working days to process the refund though it might take less in normal circumstances

8. If we have any questions, we will reach out to you via Email and try to call you on the mobile number provided while placing the order

9. In case of no response, we will wait 10 working days, post we will take a call whether or not to accept the return and refund the amount to original payment method

10. If the decision is not accept the return (say because we deem the return to be fraudulent), we will NOT issue a refund and NOT ship the order back

11. If we determine any return request to be fraudulent, Haat Ghar reserves the right to reject the request and blacklist the customer


If you need an order cancellation, kindly request by sending an email to [email protected] with the subject line “Cancel <order_id>”. We will make our best effort to process your cancellation but do not guarantee it because cancellations at Haat Ghar need to be processed manually. If a shipment is already scheduled it might be picked up by our courier partner and shipped before your request is tended to.

If we cannot process your cancellation because the product is already shipped, we will intimate you by email.

In case of cancellation not processed because of shipping, you may request a return by following the return process outlined above.


Example Return request for order id 999

From: [email protected]

To: [email protected]

Subject: Return 999


Wish to place a refund for the “Mula ko Achar” pickle I received yesterday from you because the seal was broken. Please see attached image.

Thank you